1. Going to work shouldn't be drudgery
2. A great customer experience begins with happy & engaged employees
3. We all have the ability to become great leaders and to inspire excellence in our teams



Ignite is a consultancy comprised of experienced business experts from across the globe that help good companies become GREAT!

Our knowledgeable team members have worked with top-tier organizations to transform HOW and WHY they do business.  

We provide business leaders with forward-looking services that offers your organization a sustainable, competitive advantage to empower you and your team to increase Performance, Productivity and Profits.


To build healthy, high performing, and profitable organizations by reminding leaders that your employees are the most valuable resource you have.  

We believe that when we unleash human potential, we Ignite a spark of creativity, innovation and happiness.  When this happens, organizations and communities flourish and come alive in magnificent ways that powerfully impact us both individually and collectively.



We now bring our knowledge, expertise and best practices to organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors to help you experience the benefits of a Winning Culture.

Our client portfolio represents organizations from diverse industries in countries across most continents. 

We are keenly aware of the cultural differences that exist across the globe and how these nuances are vital when assessing an organization and developing appropriate interventions. 

Our multi-national perspective is one of our differentiating factors.

We appreciate YOUR unique values and utilize global data (not only North American-based organizations) as appropriate, as a benchmark, proxy and prototype.


As passionate as we are about removing drudgery from work and increasing performance, productivity and profits, we are equally committed to strengthening NGOs and supporting others doing good in the world.  We support many organizations working hard to make the world a better place for all of us.

"Be the change in the world you want to see" - Mahatma Gandhi

But do it smartly by taking incremental, effective steps. 
Be Authentic,
Be Genuine and
Be Engaged!

Positive change doesn't happen without action.  Let us Ignite your spark to jump-start your journey to success!  

We look forward to making your workplace a happier and better place to spend each day.


We are part of a global movement that believes that we all deserve Happiness at Work.  To this end, we have created programs at diverse price points to support as many organizations as possible achieve this goal.
We are now offering our programs remotely, as well as on site, to allow more organizations to Join the Movement to create a Winning Culture and increase levels of Happiness, Productivity and Profits