Our work is based on a simple,
yet often forgotten formula:

1.  Empowered Leaders create Engaged Employees
2. Engaged Employees provide an optimal experience to your Customers
3.  Which makes your business grow and more Profitable




Ignite partners with our clients to develop and implement customized, simple solutions to support your team to flourish and guide your organization to GREATNESS! 

We help organizations create a winning culture by guiding the development of policies, practices, procedures, programs, communication tools, and internal communities that support a better way of working.




Happiness at Work

Happy and Engaged employees are more productive employees who enhance your business and grow your profits.

If your team, both leadership and staff, are not inspired by the organization’s vision, if they don’t feel happy or proud to come to work, if they are frustrated, exhausted or there just for the paycheck, you may as well pack and go home. You're not going to get what you need to succeed.  Inspire them!   Let them join you to make your organization GREAT!

Ignite’s Leadership Lab

Great leadership will make a good organization Great!  Weak leadership will destroy your organization.

When great leadership exists, it can be felt throughout the entire organization.  A winning culture evolves holistically, it isn't forced. Communication is consistent and transparent. Everyone buys in to the organization's vision and values which drives all decision making.


Optimal CX

When an employee is engaged, they are your biggest brand advocates. They authentically preach the benefits of your products/services and are enthusiastic in dealing with the public - existing and potential clients.  

Your customer’s first interaction with your organization is often through your employees. This first interaction is often "make-or-break".  If you fail to make a good impression they may leave and never return. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.



All of our programs are customized to quickly achieve
Higher Performance, Higher Productivity and Higher Profits in YOUR workplace.  



During this phase we gather important data

- We determine WHY culture is important to the performance of your organization
- We understand how your organization supports employees to flourish
- We gather quantitative and qualitative data from all employees
- We aggregate and analyze data
- We share opportunities for improvement and the implementation strategy is developed


During this phase we Get Tactical!

- Together we determine "best fit" solutions based on your organization's individual circumstances
- We create action plans and timelines
- We develop KPIs and benchmarks and create dashboards                                                        - Roll out begins


During this phase we use data to guide the evolution and sustainability of the new practices

- We assess outcomes of initial implementations
- Tweak, if needed, prior to rolling out to a wide audience
- We leverage the internal team (Happiness Ambassadors) to reinforce the new policies, practices and procedures to ensure they become regular habits
- We measure and share feedback to continuously Evolve, the best way to ensure success