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Power Sessions is a 12 week workshop and mastermind session for executive leaders and their teams that provides a comprehensive transformation experience to create a winning culture.

Power Sessions is a proven way to empower leaders and increase employee engagement across your organization..all without leaving your office.

        If your organization is experiencing any of the following,                           Power Sessions will help

Low Employee Morale
High Turnover
Pending/Post Layoffs

Employee Stress & Burnout
Inability to Attain or Retain Top Talent
Customer Defection
Missed Financial Targets


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Power Sessions Will Give You The Tools To:

Become an Empowered Leader

Create your organization’s unique Winning Culture

Learn proven strategies and tactics to better Engage your Employees

Leverage these changes to optimize your Customer Experience

...and this translates in to



Every business metric is positively impacted by a winning culture!


So How Do We Accomplish This?

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Over our 12 weeks together, we follow a proven strategy and plan to assess your organization's current state and then customize and implement a set of activities to empower your leaders and increase the level of employee engagement.

We meet live, online, weekly as a group, to discuss the current module of focus, led by Ignite's founder, Marjori Bergman.  We discuss why this topic is important.  How and when to implement it.  The barriers to look out for and KPIs to measure.  Each session will also include a Q&A session.

If you're unable to join during our live weekly mastermind, the session will be recorded and will be available for review at a later time.  We're only an email away if you have any questions.

Is Power Sessions Right For Me?

Are you a top executive who wants to increase performance, productivity and profits AND is open and willing to make the changes required for this to happen?  

Can you bring together a team with 2 or 3 other colleagues who are equally open and committed to these changes?  If yes, then you are the ideal Power Sessions participant.

Often leaders want their organization to change, but they are not willing to make the time/priority to be a part of it.  We have seen, time and time again, that transformation initiatives are ONLY successful if they are driven by the executive leader, with the support of others across the organization.  Without top leadership buy-in and commitment, transformation initiatives will fail.


Marjori Bergman began developing Ignite's culture-building and Happiness at Work offerings several years ago when she saw a growing interest and strong need among her strategy and change clients. These organizations spent a lot of money to bring in top consultants in connection with growth or optimization opportunities.  However, the outcomes rarely matched expectations.  This cost companies millions of dollars each year with limited results.  The barriers to success of each engagement were often the same.  It was never the development of the plan, it was the execution. And specifically, it was the people.

Take advantage of the knowledge, skills and experience we have from decades of working with organizations across the globe.  We’ve successfully transformed organizations across diverse industries and countries.  We know what works and we’ve distilled it down to simple concepts to understand and implement for busy executives.

We are able to offer Power Sessions a fraction of the cost of our on-site program since we connect digitally and there are no travel or expense fees.

So What Exactly Will I Be Doing?

Enhance your leadership skills based on your personal leadership style

Accurately assess the level of employee engagement

Determine strengths and opportunities for improvement within your organization

Prioritize opportunities for improvement

Find optimal interventions that match your resources

Establish key metrics to monitor improvements

Build capacity in-house so the staff and the organization can continue to evolve and grow over time


These are the specific topics Power Sessions will focus on:


What Else Do I Need To Know

Our goal is to make your learning experience as interactive, easy and enjoyable as possible.

Each module is filled with much more than just information!   You will receive tools, templates, resource lists, and action guides.   You'll also have access to the Ignite team and your Power Session colleagues all week long to respond to questions in our private forum.

As a new member of Power Sessions you will also get a 60 minute one-on-one meeting with our founder, Marjori Bergman, to ask her any questions, walk through any of the challenges your organization is struggling with or just brainstorm ideas on how to improve performance and productivity at your organization.

Power Sessions provides the best opportunity to experience significant internal transformation, led by knowledgeable and skilled consultants, at this price


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The tuition for Power Sessions 2016 is $10,000 USD



No ProblemWe’re happy to share some thoughts/ideas to help others understand the proven connection between a winning culture and performance, productivity and profits.

Let us know specifically who you would like to convince and what their concern is.



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