Marjori is always enthusiastic and upbeat and has always provides great service while supporting clients to achieve ambitious goals. She has a deep understanding of business strategy, organizational change and positive psychology. This is the perfect nexus for her. I look forward to encouraging more businesses to join the community to increase Happiness at Work.
— Melissa Jackson-Vallenz SVP, HR
Citibank (Financial Services)
I was very impressed with all I learned from Marjori and the practical solutions she shared. She is extremely thorough, but also works quickly and to the point. She understands that everyone is looking for quick results and how the outcomes will impact the bottom line. It is about action, not theory and she fully delivers.
— Jamila Kollere,
Voice of America (media)
With Marjori leading our team, we saw significant results in a short time frame. She quickly assessed our current situation and worked with our team to determine the best interventions to give the best and quickest bang for the buck. She is solution oriented and data driven. She ensures everyone knows what the end goal is and she is highly supportive to make sure we achieve it.
— Jason Buckingham, SVP EE
(formally) Orange (telecom)
Marjori is excellent to work with. She is a great teacher. She has the ability to inspire others to think different and find new and better ways to get results. She provides real-world, usable tools, techniques and concepts. She’s the perfect balance of creative, cutting edge and practical. Highly recommend.
— X. Wu, GM
global technology company (China)

Fabick CAT, a company that sells, rents, and repairs Caterpillar construction equipment improved the "percent of industry net sales" by 300% and  improved customer engagement scores by 8% by focusing on employee happiness.       

- Source:  Gallup Business Journal

American department store, Sears, measured that a 5 point improvement in employee attitude drove a 1.3 point improvement in customer satisfaction, which in turn drove a 0.5% improvement in revenue.   

- Source: Harvard Business Review


Standard Charter Bank found that branches with a statistically significant increase in levels of employee engagement (0.2 or more on a scale of 5) had a 16% higher profit margin growth than branches with decreased levels of engagement.   

- Source: MacLeod Review, 2009

MolsonCoors found that engaged employees were five times less likely than non-engaged employees to have a safety incident and seven times less likely to have a lost-time safety incident.

- source:  SHRM Journal


US based consumer electronics store, Best Buy, found higher employee engagement scores led to better store performance. The company found that for every 10th of a point it boosted employee engagement, its store saw a $100,000 increase in operating income annually.

- Source: Harvard Business Review


Construction-equipment maker Caterpillar has garnered impressive results from its employee engagement and commitment initiatives, including:

    •    $8.8 million annual savings from decreased attrition, absenteeism and overtime (European plant)
    •    a 70% increase in output in less than four months (Asia Pacific plant)
    •    a decrease in the break-even point by almost 50% in units/day, and a decrease in grievances by 80% (unionized plant)
    •    a $2 million increase in profit and a 34% increase in highly satisfied customers

- Source:  Research Study:  Effective practice guidelines, SHRM


At Intuit Contact Center, within two years of implementing targeted front-line leadership training and a customized performance measurement and incentive system, which the company revised to give employees greater flexibility in determining how to provide the best customer service, the following results were realized:

    •    16% increase in Contact Center engagement scores (percent favorable)
    •    There was a corresponding steady increase in the number of new-business referrals by satisfied customers.
    •    Revenue growth for 2006 rebounded and grew to 15%-the best growth rate in four years
    •    Intuit stock rose almost 300% over this period, outperforming the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite

- Source:  Research Study:  Effective practice guidelines, SHRM