Want the secret to consistently providing
the optimal customer experience?





To win customers, and a bigger share of the marketplace, organizations must first win the hearts and minds of their employees. As a leader, you must think of your employees as “Brand Ambassadors”. Happy and engaged employees are your biggest brand advocates. They preach the benefits of your products and services and are enthusiastic in dealing with the public. Disengaged employees can be costing your organization millions of dollars in lost opportunities.

As business models change to keep up with a smaller and flatter world, direct and indirect competition comes from places you never imagined 10 years ago.  Customer experience has become the determining factor on whether or to do business with you or your competitors.

Remember, your customer’s first point of interaction with your organization is most often through your employees, and not only your customer service team. If you fail to make a good impression they may turn around and never return.  Even worse, they may write a negative post on social media for the whole world to read.  You only get one chance to make a first impression!

However, despite compelling evidence, many companies still neglect this key area, leaving employees feeling disengaged and losing a great opportunity to enhance the relationship with their customers.

Also, a common mistake is that many businesses spend millions of dollars implementing customer service training, tools and technology –which are all important. However, none of that will prove effective over the long term if your employees are not happy and engaged and feel connected to the company’s purpose with genuine desire to support the needs of your customer base.

Invest in your people. It comes back to you in profits.....It also happens to be the right thing to do.


Ignite's unique Optimal CX programs are tailored to your needs and your budget

Optimal CX is comprised of creating a holistic, enterprise-wide view of the customer.    Our offerings include:

- Customer Service strategy development and training (different than most)
- Listening Labs/Customer Insight Tools
- Customer Journey Mapping
    - Implementing Business Intelligence
    - Net Promoter Scores and follow on interventions
- Retention/Incentives/Loyalty Programs
- Reputation Management

Our teaching modalities include workshops, interactive discussions, small-group exercises, self-assessments, and action planning.

A positive customer experience can build its own momentum. 

It costs relatively little to cultivate and maintain, but it will deliver a loyal customer base that generates tangible bottom-line returns.