The ABCs to Getting your Employees Excited to Come to Work
(Part 1)

When was the last time you walked into a business and felt amazing energy?  Where employees were genuinely friends and were helpful?  Where people all around were smiling and collaborating?  Where the physical space was bright and airy and clean?  When everything just felt right. 

It’s not hard to create a winning culture, but it does to take time, effort and authenticity. It needs to be driven by the top leaders and reinforced, consistently, across the organization.

If your organization suffers from low morale, infighting, customer defection, lack of innovation, high absenteeism, Jump right in! You'll be amazed at the difference making some of these changes will have.


Authenticity – None of these tactics will deliver optimal outcomes if they are not performed authentically. This is not one of those “fake it 'til you make it” scenarios.

If this “Happiness at Work” thing doesn't really make sense to you but you're at a “jump the shark” moment or looking to catch that “Hail Mary pass”, don't try it. It won't work if you don't buy in, so don't waste your time.

(Talk to us directly and we can share more information to help you get over the fence. Its great on this side – trust me!)

Brand Ambassadors – This should be how you think of your employees. At every interaction with clients and potential clients your employees are representing your organization.  Engaged employees drive customer loyalty, referrals and growth.

CommunicateCommunicate! Communicate! - We can't say it enough. You talk and They talk. You listen and They listen. Communication is a two way street, it’s not just about talking. Be genuine and authentic at all times. And remember, communication is often non-verbal (so no eye rolling!). Communicate positive stories and outcomes. Start meetings this way. Most people are used to being spoken to only when there is a problem. It’s time to change that! Engage your people and rememberthere are respectful ways to say “There is no way will we implement that stupid idea.”

Culture is vital! Define it, embrace it and infuse it in all you do!

Customer Experience should be a part of decision-making across all teams – Have an “imaginary” customer representative at all meetings providing their input in to your decisions…..Remember without your customers, you have NO business

(we like Cs like Cookie Monster :)

Develop your employees across all dimensions, not just their functionality. Allow them to learn skills such as communication, time management, meditation. This will serve your organization as much as it serves them personally. Everyone Wins!

Employee Engagement – This is the key to a successful organization! When your employees are truly engaged, they go “above and beyond” to ensure goals are met and provide an optimal customer experience. This drives productivity, profits and ensures continuous growth.

Foster an extraordinary workplace – When you create a great work environment, employees feel supported, recognized, rewarded and balanced. They know the core values and how to make optimal decisions. Then everyone just gets into the “flow”. When you're in “flow” innovation and strong execution comes easily.

Gratitude - Research has shown that gratitude is the first step to achieving happiness. In many societies today we often forget to be grateful for all we have. Too often we are disappointed for what we do not have. The reality is that the more we take the time to acknowledge gratitude for the “small things”, we find ourselves having more things we are grateful for. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Happiness – This is such a vital part of a successful organization. If people are not happy, there is no way they can be part of a thriving team or provide and optimal experience to your customers. We are all responsible for finding our own happiness. But make your organization a place that is positive, supportive, collaborative, hard-working and fun!

Innovation can come from anywhere in your organization. Empower your staff to think out of the box and be receptive to new ideas. Anything they come up with that reduces costs or increases revenue makes you look good.

Join the Movement – Doesn't everyone deserve Happiness at Work? We think so. 90,000 hours is far too long to be unhappy and disengaged. Find something you love to do and an environment that supports you to achieve this! This is when you will thrive!

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are pre-determined metrics to guide the changes you're making (here or in any initiative) to assure you stay on track. What gets measured, gets changed!

Leadership is about empowering others to achieve success. There are many important facets of leadership and most leaders are strong in some areas and weak in others. Enhance the leadership skills across your organization and support the development of these. Everyone wins!

Management, different than leadership, is equally important in an organization to support teams to plan and accomplish goals. Help your team develop management skills. These folks are the ones that keep everything on track. 

There is nothing more important than employee engagement to drive business success.  You'll never get 100% buy in, so don't even think about that at first. The Chairman/CEO/President (guy or gal at the top) needs to be the biggest supporter and the face of the initiative. At least half of the executive team needs to buy in as well as a few other key employees to drive engagement. And it needs to be genuine. No room for "yes" men and women here.

Be prepared: There will generally be 20% of your employees that come on board right away (we've been waiting for this!) and 20% that shun any kind of change so they will be the thorns in your side.  It’s the 60% in the middle that over time will come on board if they see authenticity and positive change that they can buy in to.

Part 2 coming soon! We know that too much information can often be paralyzing….so we parse it out in small, easily consumable pieces.

Share the ABCs that help your organization thrive!  Also let us know which ones you struggle with. We're happy to share some ideas.  If you're struggling with something, you can be sure others too.  We're here to ignite Happiness at Work!


Everyone deserves Happiness at Work. Let Ignite help you get there.


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