Our Founder, Marjori Bergman, is passionate about having a positive impact on the world - helping to bring innovative businesses, products and services to fruition to make people's lives better, easier and more fun!


An accomplished business strategist and innovator with over 20 years of professional experience in the U.S. and across the globe, she has advised a variety of organizations from Fortune 100s to technology start-ups to government agencies. Additionally, she has guided the launch of small and medium businesses, social enterprise organizations, produced live events, and managed the successful careers of Grammy-winning musical artists.

Marjori began developing Ignite's Happiness at Work program several years ago when she saw a strong trend across her clients.   These organizations all brought consulting firms on board in connection with growth opportunities.  However, the barriers to success of each engagement were often the same.  Developing the plan was never the barrier, it was the execution.  And specifically, it was the people. 


At most organizations, the majority of employees are disengaged.  The organization's vision and values are either non-existent or completely ignored in the strategic planning and day to day execution.  Often these exist only as a plaque on the wall or on a webpage.  Teams are siloed.  There is infighting and internal conflict.  Most people are stressed out and over-worked or at the other end of the spectrum, they have completely tuned out and are doing the minimum to "get a paycheck".   These scenarios create a TOXIC environment which does NOT set the stage for success.  

Marjori quickly realized that by supporting leaders to define their company culture and values and infuse them all that they do (which creates a better work environment) many barriers to success were removed.  Employees are often excited to jump on board to achieve company and personal goals.  Everyone knows how their goals tie in to organizational goals and they feel positive and fulfilled by their job.  This translates into stronger performance, an optimized customer experience and higher profits.

Marjori is a sought after speaker and business advisor.  She has worked with some of the world’s foremost organizations, helping them capitalize on the power of their most precious resources, their employees.

When she is not working hard to support her clients, you can find her somewhere across the globe engaging in philanthropic work, often focusing on supporting female-owned businesses in developing countries and spending time with her young family.