We spend over 90,000 hours at work
over the course of our lives. 

This is far too long to be unhappy.   

Don’t you agree?

Sadly, more than 70% of employees across the globe are dissatisfied with their job* 
 *(Deloitte’s Shift Index survey 2010)


How do You and Your Employees feel?

Employees are your most valuable resource!  
But many organizations fail to take advantage of their knowledge, skills, experience and passion. 

Happy and Engaged employees innovate and execute at the highest levels, discover new revenue sources,
and deliver an outstanding customer experience.





Engaged employees connect to the organization's higher purpose

Because they care more, they are more productive

They provide a better experience to your customers and stay with the organization longer

This leads to highly satisfied customers who buy more and refer more often

Which drives increased sales and higher profits


Also interesting.... 
Research continues to prove that, today, employee satisfaction isn't just "about the paycheck".  
Most employees want to feel like their work is contributing toward "The Greater Good" (of the world, community..)




Ignite helps leaders rethink your journey to success in ways conventional consulting does not. As a result, our clients are able to out-perform competitors and achieve accelerated growth.

We work together to create customized programs, based on your needs and resources. We introduce tools, tips, techniques, training and coaching all focused on creating a winning culture that will foster innovation, deepen relationships with customers, and grow profits.


Our Happiness at Work program is comprised of a data-driven customized set of activities, developed from the results of your organization's Discover phase, which will bring you both quick results and long term benefits.

All programs are driven by Key Performance Indicators (metrics determined prior to the start of the program) to ensure we are on track and will be achieving goals and targets in a pre-determined time frame.


If you're still on the fence, thinking this sounds kind of "out there" or "I don't have time to spend focusing on these soft skills", remember the words of the famed business strategist Peter Drucker "Culture eats strategy for breakfast".  

We have seen organizations fail time and time again. You can have the best strategy, plans, and KPIs, but if your employees are not engaged and fully committed to execute, you will NEVER achieve your potential.  This is the reality.

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If you’ve been inspired to change and are looking to jump right in, you can check out our blog for ideas and information and review our Quick Tips to get you started.